Love = Yes = Passion

When we have a clear intention to do something the brain interprets the action as having already taken place. This is saying yes to life. Having faith and move forward.

OK so I know in daily sharings the preaching and the trying to heal people is boring. so now I'll focus on what I am passionate about and what I am trying to do.

I believe the way that most people live is not making them happy so I am exploring ways of living and community with the intention of bringing joy to my life and those around me. I have observed that I have been happiest when I have lived with a group of people working together on a common goal. My first experience of this was in kibbutz, then in Camp America and also in community life in festivals and in Kalikalos, Greece and Findhorn. Community living has also included some of my most painful experiences and so I believe this contrast has driven my desire to understand more about how to make it work.

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