How do we find our "selves"?

In exploring what is self development we came to the need of finding where is the self that might be developed? To find out who we are we need to know where we are? Where am I? Well I am sitting at my laptop of course, in Faversham, dur! so what do we mean if we don't mean that? Is there some other self that we have lost? If so how where do we look and how do we know when we are on the right track? Why is it of interest? Who cares? and many other points of view spring to mind. There are whole bodies of thought, books written and phiolosophies around such things but each of us is unique that is a fact we know is true. If most thoughts create more questions than answers it is satisfying when amongst the stream of thoughts we find a truth. Therefore one thing we can do to find our selves is to find how we are different from others. If at the same time we have been told that who we are is reflected in others maybe we can find ourselves by looking at what we see in others and in the world - "Reflection".

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