Developing a self

The original exploration was on what is self development? My understanding of self is that it is our behaviour, that aspect of us that is available to be seen or heard. I have explored how 99% happens unconsciously according to beliefs that we learnt as young children. Learnt behaviour so that we did not have to think each time we were faced with a new situation and we could therefore get on with life. So from this viewpoint developing a self is developing behaviour. How can we develop behaviour? If normally 99% is unconsious then one way is to increase the amount of behaviour that is conscious. Which would be by following the maxim of becoming more present. So tools for self development could be those which make us more present. This provides some confirmation that we are on the right track as meditation features strongly in the self develpment section in book stores. When we are more conscious is there a type of behaviour is more developed? I think there is no "Right" behaviour but if in every moment we were fully conscious of our behaviour then we are probably enlightened. The conclusion or truth that I have explored is that self development is the increased ability to make a conscious choice in how to behave.

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