Choosing to act out of fear or love

Overcoming fear and habit to act in a way that serves our best interests requires us to stay conscious and stay present. When we are conscious we have the choice of acting in another way than we normally would. Often I have heard it said we have the choice between fear and love. What does love mean in this circumstance? If most of our subconscious action is out of fear (originally to keep our young self safe) it would follow that conscious action is love. A conscious action is taken with intent. When we act with intention it is a chosen action towards something rather than away from something which would be fear. When we are intentional we are acting deliberately, moving towards an outcome that we desire. To achieve anything there are action steps to take to lead to an outcome. They are either taken intentionally because we have a passion a desire to move towards the goal or not taken out of fear or lassitude.

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