Choosing our behaviour

If our self is our behaviour and we can choose our behaviour we can choose who we are. Wow! that is powerful. So no wonder meditation is such an important tool if it is one of the ways of making us more present, more aware, more conscious. Unfortunately the times when we would be best served by being conscious and choosing an alternative behaviour are those time when our "Ego" or unconscious self has learnt that an alternative behviour will cause us trauma. These times or triggers, in my case a fear of being rejected or shouted at if I spoke up has led to a belief of being unwanted and unimportant. So my journey of self development is to become more aware of these moments and choose to shout out, to speak up to stand tall. This is my heroes journey and I think all journeys and life purposes are about overcoming our biggest fear. To do this leads to an exploration of self - self development or as it is an inner exploration - spiritual development.

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