Choosing love

Loving something is being passionate about it, wanting it in our lives, being attracted towards it, wanting to know more about it. Everything starts as an idea. The love of a person, a pet, a hobby, a career, an outfit. Initially it is just in our imagination. There may be a reason or we may add that later but at first love is just an idea or option. As we think about the idea it becomes bigger and we may express it and then other people who resonate with that idea are drawn towards us. As you feel good about an idea and become passionate and excited about it and start taking actions then more emotion is generated. Emotion is created by motion. It is this passion and emotion that is creative and draws more of the same towards it. This is through resonance. It is a human characteristic that we are drawn towards and draw towards us and people and action of the same frequency. This is the law of attraction, we could just call it love or acting out of love.

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