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Homeopathic Treatment

Julia Alabaster has been a homeopath in Whangarei since 1998 . She is a Classical Homeopath with experience in treating many conditions, she also taught homeopathy for many years.

She says "Homeopathy is an elegant and effective healing methodology that deserves to be better known and respected." She has training in other therapies but it is with homeopathic treatment that she has seen the most dramatic healing.

The actual technique of homeopathy involves the the taking of pillules or drops of highly diluted remedies.  The scientific understanding of water having a liquid crystal structure and being able to carry information is proving what homeopaths have shown through experience.

Julia has trained to be able to treat both humans and animals and would love to welcome new patients via Skype, Zoom or in her clinic in Matapouri, Whangarei .