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Dance for the Solstice
Shamanic Awakening Dance

I have been sharing Ecstatic Awakening Dance™ in New Zealand for the many years and out of this I have developed my own form of Dance that speaks to me more deeply and that  the people  that dance with me have preferred.  I call this Shamanic Awakening Dance.


I am passionate about this dance method and how it can connect people more deeply to their body, to their spirit and to the oneness of the universe.


This dance practice incorporates movement to luscious rhythms, meditation and powerful breathing techniques. If you love to dance this is one of the most effective and fun ways I have found to be in my body and to fully feel and express myself.


Shamanic Awakening Dance is practice of dance session that will take you deep into your inner self - to observe and bring to presence to the energies (feelings, sensations, thoughts) that arise within you.  Whatever awakens is accepted with an open heart. This is a powerful trans-formative process that as we soften and witness without judging allows our true radiant nature to shine through. As tensions and resistance are released we can experience joy, freedom and bliss.

It is only about you!  You can truly dance as if no one was watching.  You can let go of the shame, the judgments about getting it right and looking good and just move to the music.

There are no steps there is no right or wrong way to move it is about listening to your body and your heart and embracing whatever that is.


Awakening Dance has its roots in the techniques of Osho and was developed by Amoda who wrote “Dance your Prayers – A Guide to the experience of Ecstatic Trance Dance”.  She also draws on her experience of Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythm work and shares her words “The more you dance, the more you sweat, the more you sweat the more you pray. The more you pray the closer you come to ecstasy.”

Shamanic Awakening Dance workshop 

 Incorporating Wuji Qigong and  Finding your Soul purpose with Shamanic tools

A deep dive into being guided into how you can share your truth

February 2021, dates to be announced

Shamanic Awakening Dance Teacher Training

This training will include 10 initial online modules followed by a 10 day workshop at the Kalikapai Community retreat on the Tutukaka Coast, Northland there will be plenty of holiday and connection time during your stay. 

For full prospectus contact us.

A typical day will include:

  • Optional sunrise meditation

  • Optional Morning yoga

  • Breakfast - wholefood/plant based

  • Morning sharing circle with community

  • Session going over one of the modules

  • Dance, shamanic journey or other awakening activity

  • Light Lunch

  • Afternoon free time for beaches with optional paid activities including horse riding, surfing, surf lessons or  kayak trip or just go to one of the beaches, do a coastal walk or go to Tutukaka for the marina, cafes, shops and ice cream.

  • Everyone will take it in turns to help in the kitchen or garden before dinner.

  • Wholesome Dinner

  • Evening activities including Moon rise ritual, music and singing   

Some days will be more intense with vision quest and practical training.