Julia Alabaster
Julia Alabaster

I am passionate about working towards planetary wellness through love and creativity. Currently I am working with a network of communities in Greece that use Way of Council, Sociocracy and other tools trialled in the Findhorn communities. I want to bring some of these ideas to New Zealand and build more community living there.

I have skills in community building, shamanic healing and homeopathy.  I can offer workshops to communities, companies and groups. I offer one on one healing in Whangarei, New Zealand and via Skype or Zoom.


I am interested in biodiversity conservation and healing damaged eco-systems.  I work with OceansWatch an NGO based in New Zealand that works with communities in the Pacific to conserve threatened eco-systems and to build sustainable livelihoods.


I create artworks in clay, ferro-cement, stone, wood and paint. My desire is to create work that is a representation of nature and the spirit that is embodied there.


I would love to connect with more like minded light workers that work with love and creativity.